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        Plastic Tableware

        Almost 1000 different kinds of products,different shape,colour,style, capacity  are available,Products also  can be customized, OEM design is warmly welcome.

        er selection.

        Plastic Household Products

        Enjoy a number of patents and export entitlement. products have been exported to Japan, Europe and Ameica for a long time.establishing a good reputation.


        meet a variety of international standards and approvals.and nearly 20 years of experience working in disposable tableware,dinnerware and cutlery industry, that ' s trustworthy.


        GMF a Sino-French co-operative enterprise covers an area of more than 38000 square meters,it is located in the toys capital of China—Chenghai which is a coastal city of South China .In 2004,our company passed a series of international approvals as the international ISO9001 audit and 3C certification.  which devotes to developing, manufacturing, processing and selling plastic daily necessities and toys.and our products have been exported toJapan, European and American countries for a long time, establishing a good reputation.

        The company in line with "the customer first, people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, to honor its commitment to" quality policy, the pursuit of formal management, training of high quality staff, to "high quality and low price" products, first-class after-sales service by the trust of all countries

        The company was awarded the eight year "heavy contract, keep credit", "a big tax", "civilized business units", and other honorary titles

        Looking to the future, GMF company will deepen the "human nature - integrity - resource integration", actively introduce high quality talent, improve management level

        Warmly welcome new and old customers to negotiate trade, business development, mutual cooperation, sharing the.



        Contact Us



        Adress: Lianshang Industrial park, Chenghai,Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China

        Company website: www.7xd8f3.cn

        Fax: 86-754-85102283

        Company zip code: 515833

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